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Berry Launches New Company Values

Today, the Berry Board of Directors launched the new company values to the whole Berry team at head office in Salisbury.

Late last year during a brain storming session, Berry staff were asked to provide their suggestions as to what the company values should be based on their experiences. A long list of fantastic values were drawn up, leaving the Directors to choose the final 5. With the beginning of a new financial year, Berry thought this was the ideal time to reveal the chosen values to staff so that the teams can start the year with a renewed focus on who Berry is and how the values shape how we perform in our roles and what our plans are for the future.

The 5 Berry values are Berry Family, Enjoyment, Pride, Opportunity and Community and are summarised below.

Berry Family – Treating colleagues as extended members of your family. Looking out for each other. Being inclusive. Working as a team.
Enjoyment – Doing what you enjoy and enjoying what you do. Contributing to Berry being a positive, fun and happy place to work.
Pride – Take personal pride in what you do, how you act and how you appear. Contribute to activities that make Berry a Company that you are others are proud to work for.
Opportunity – Embracing opportunities that are provided to you. Opportunities for professional and career development. Opportunities for business growth.
Community – Contributing positively to all our communities including our business partners, our customers and the local community. Being mindful of our responsibility to give something back.

Upon launching the values, Kerry Hill Berry’s HR Manager said:

“We’re delighted to now have a confirmed set of company values as it helps us to maintain Berry’s essence as we continue to grow. We want to make sure we keep Berry as the very special place it is to work.”

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